What’s new in Ensign Version 62.4?

The latest update to our Ensign software range — version 62.4 — has now been released!

Our development team has been working behind the scenes on this update for several months. There are no major changes to the look and feel of the software this time, but a few highly anticipated features are now available, especially in our Estimating software.

What’s changed in the latest version?

Version 62.4 consists mainly of updates to our Estimating software. We’ve listened to your feedback and focused on making a few key features easier to use than ever, including…

Drag-and-drop sections

This has been one of our most requested features for some time, so we’re excited to confirm that sections can now be moved around using an intuitive drag-and-drop method!

Simply click and drag the circle icons to the left of the section descriptions to easily rearrange them. This is ideal if you need to change the order they are shown in, move one section inside another etc.

One-click PDF reports

We’ve made it even quicker and easier to generate PDF reports when you’re ready to send them to your colleagues or clients. You’ll find the new options at the Summary Table and Print Bill stages.

Here you can select whether to save individual PDF files for each report you’ve selected, or merge everything into one PDF to make it easier for your client.

If you’re using the desktop version of the software and you have Outlook set up, the system can even pop up a new email with the merged PDF attached automatically!

Clickable navigation steps

After we introduced the progress bar along the bottom of the screen to indicate which step of the process you’re currently on, lots of our users asked if they could click on previous steps to go back.

Well, now you can! Any steps you’ve previously completed will appear green on the progress bar, as normal. You can now click any of these to jump straight back.

Bear in mind you’ll still need to click the “Continue” button to move forward, so the software can calculate everything in the correct order.

Easier importing from PDF Take-Off

We’ve updated the “Import PDF” menu to make it easier for you to carry over your work from the PDF Take-Off software into the Estimating system.

Now you can select individual services on your PDF drawing, choose which sections to put them in and import everything in one smooth process.

This saves you from having to repeat the import process for each service. You even have the ability to manage your sections on the same screen if required, which saves even more time.

+ Many more features and updates!

We’ve just highlighted a few of the most highly-demanded features in the new 62.4 update, but it’s also packed with other improvements to make your estimating a little easier.

A few other notable updates include…

  • Support shortcut in the top-right corner of all main Estimating screens
  • Speed improvements when making changes to sections
  • Archive jobs so you can de-clutter your list without deleting anything

For a complete list of everything that’s changed across all our programs in the newest release, click the link below to download the full release notes.

Remember, if you need to speak to our team for help with anything Ensign-related, simply click the new Support button in the corner of the software screen and choose one of the options.


Version 62.4 release notes

Download the latest release notes for a complete list of changes in the latest update.

Download file »

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