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Quantity survey software

Looking for a quick and accurate way to raise applications for payment and calculate variations that will also give you a better chance of getting paid on time? Ensign’s Quantity Surveying Software seamlessly integrates with our Estimating Software and will pull through schedules of rates, job and section values for you, saving you time when setting up your job.

Every business has encountered that one customer who argues over every minute of time spent on the job, and every single change that needs to be done to the original specification. We’ve all experienced scope creep and the feeling that we’re not being paid for everything we’ve done. But with the QS Software, you can easily raise your applications for payment, while taking into account any equipment hire, day work, and variations that have been made.

Save more time with Ensign’s Quantity Surveying Software which integrates perfectly with our Estimating Software, saving you hours of time when setting up new projects. The QS Software will pull through job and section values, schedules of rates and more from the Estimating Software so you have the information right at your fingertips, without needing to enter it all again into a separate piece of software.

Easily justify exactly what you’ve done, and why, on every job, and give yourself the best possible chance of getting paid on time, with the right amount. Use the Quantity Surveying Software with our PDF TakeOff Software and bring in variations straight from the drawing, and you’ll also have the PDF to prove what you’ve done.

And, of course, we provide comprehensive training and support from our in house team of experts.

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