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We believe contractors shouldn't need to be software experts to win jobs quickly and easily.

If you feel the same, Ensign is perfect for you.

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“10 out of 10, software is fantastic, the best I’ve used and really user friendly, the support I’ve had from the Ensign team has been first class.”

John Higham
Mechanical Estimator

“I am very comfortable in making my way around the software […] brilliant training, easy to use system and excellent customer service.”

Alex Smith
Electrical Estimator

“Excellent estimating software, which has cut our take-off and estimating time at least in half. The support also is five stars.”

Josh Marshall
Ductwork Estimator


Mechanical software for mechanical, M&E and MEP contractors


Electrical software for electrical contractors, M&E and MEP contractors


Ductwork software for DW144, DW154 and flat channel plastic contractors


Insulation software for pipework, ductwork and vessel insulation contractors

General contracting software for proposals, pricing, and more

A contractor’s time is a contractor’s money, and no contractor can afford for either to be in short supply. Ensign helps every contractor both cut costs and manage their time better, providing user-friendly contractors software. Our software programs allows contractors to focus on their contract management, pricing, proposals and more – without having to waste precious time trying to do everything at once.

Whether for small businesses or general contractors alike, Ensign’s software programs can make your business run more smoothly, allowing you to maximize your profits by focusing on your clients – and not the bureaucracy. Ensign offers contractor software to benefit every type of contractor:

Take the hassle out of estimations

Get foolproof estimations each and every time with Ensign’s proposal software.

Simply enter the specifics of a job either through keyboard input or automatically from our takeoff software and allow Ensign’s Estimation software to calculate each of the job costs and profits automatically.

We pride ourselves on the wide range of materials we include in our regularly-updated database, meaning you can price your labour, parts and more quickly and accurately. This all saves you valuable time – meaning you can quickly bring your proposal to the client – before any of your competitors can do the same.

Software to save you time: On screen take-off

Doing takeoffs by hand is tricky and time wasting – plus, using a scale rule and calculator on printed drawings might lead to unfortunate miscalculations. With Ensign’s Takeoff Software, that can all be a distant memory.

Our On Screen Takeoff Software reads electronic drawings from PDFs, Dropbox and the like, measuring, counting and highlighting the parts and materials you’ll need to make it a reality.

The software is so competent you can remove unwanted services and backgrounds in one-click to simplify the drawing before take-off, then colour, record and summarise all your quantities whilst you measure – all by clicking the parts you need. When you’re ready, adding in material and labour costs before instantly generating reports is easier than ever before.

Our software complements and integrates with your needs, and our Quantity Surveying software is no exception.

Working seamlessly with our proposal software the estimate information like the confirmed schedule of rates can be read in automatically saving hours of typing. You can also calculate job variations, adding and omitting aspects of the job, the system will even calculate the star rate parts automatically too. Plus, you also receive a detailed breakdown of the job’s variations, easily justifying each part and any associated claims.

Used in conjunction with our On Screen Takeoff Software, you can also measure your variations straight from the provided drawings, which can then be imported into the Quantity Surveying system – this will then be immediately generated as a variation calculation. This gives you all the ammunition you need to stand the best chance of getting your variations payed.

All this means you get to save time and money on running the project in the first place. With our quantity surveying program you’ll be able to automatically produce payment requests, thanks to the software’s recording of the completed work, any variations and more – keeping your valuations up to date and accurate. It’s a professional solution, helping contractors to get paid accurately and on time.

Software made simple: QuickCost

Designed by engineers, for engineers, our office software QuickCost keeps you up to date in real time with everything you need to know about your projects, with an added budget alert feature should your costs run over.

Keeping costs accurate and up to date allows you to make sure the job remains profitable, while also passing on important information to your clients. It also ensures that you have written proof of every cost, to keep both you and your clients on the same page, as well as protecting your margins.

In a different trade? No problem.

Ensign is specifically designed for mechanical, electrical, ductwork and insulation contractors in the UK. However, we don’t believe the time-saving potential of our software should be limited to just those trades.

That’s why we have a flexible range of take-off and estimating software solutions to saves you time no matter what trade you’re in.

Designed for contractors in any trade

Save time with fast, accurate estimates

Easy-to-learn, intuitive user interface