Industrial Engineering Plastics Ltd.


Allan and his team originally used pen and paper to create rough estimates, but were concerned about the time this took and how professional the results looked.

“Prior to Ensign, we were literally using the materials/labour time method on paper then adding on some profit (hopefully) for ourselves. This was OK for bespoke items, however we knew we would be unable to quote on any larger projects like the ones we are into now, as the quotes need a quick turnaround of a few days – plus it always looked unprofessional.

The main issue was the amount of time this took. We didn’t have the manpower for me to do this full time, as I was in the workshop too. At this point, we had to decide whether to stay the size we were or make an investment in new machinery and software to enable us to grow. Ensign was part of this investment.”


In 2013, IEP started using Ensign’s Ductwork Estimating and PDF Takeoff software, receiving training both on-site and at our offices.

“It took a few months and a lot of work to get started, as our industry is quite unique, however we knew that, like anything, if you put the work in, you get it back in abundance.

We have now the capability to go for bigger projects on a daily basis, returning a quote to the client which not only has been turned around in less than 24 hours, making us appear more efficient, but also looks professional.”


“Using Ensign has saved us so much time, I’m doing quotes in hours which would genuinely have taken a week. It has allowed me to use my time in other areas of the company, so I can be with customers creating a face-to-face link rather than just another email on the screen.

My advice is to get Ensign, simple as. Our turnover has gone through the roof because we can deal with bigger, higher value projects. It’s made us look at other areas where we can improve to progress even further with manufacturing.”



Allan Clarke

Works Manager

Industrial Engineering Plastics Ltd.



IEP is a plastic fabrication company that makes predominantly ductwork, however we started as and continue to be a bespoke fabrication specialist. I am the workshop manager, the first port of call for all enquires as well as design and costings for anything from £200 up to £2,000,000.