Estimating made easy for electrical contractors.

Easy to use
Highly accurate

If you wish you could price up your jobs faster and without all the hassle, Ensign’s simple and intuitive electrical estimating software is the best solution for you.

The easiest way to get started is with a free demo, delivered online at a time that suits you by one of our friendly experts. It’s a great way to see how much time you’ll save with Ensign, but availability is limited, so get in touch to book your demo now.

Cloud-based software
Access Ensign from anywhere, on your PC or Mac

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Electrical estimating software for pricing, quoting and bidding

User-friendly, highly-rated software for producing electrical estimates

Our software is constantly evolving, with powerful and innovative features based on real user feedback. The result is a brilliant pricing tool that gives you accurate, easy-to-understand reports in practically no time.

Get ahead of your competition and avoid the stress of tight deadlines with a simple system that any electrical contractor can learn to use!

How our user-friendly interface works

Full training is always provided as standard when you sign up with Ensign, delivered either in-house at our offices, or online if that’s more convenient for you. After you’ve been trained you should have no problems navigating the software and finding everything you need quickly.

Of course, if you ever forget anything or need some more detailed guidance on more advanced features, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. But in general, our software is built to complement your natural workflow so you should find it easy to get used to.

In fact, many people find that they can navigate around the software and figure out a lot of the basics before they even have their training. That’s because our user interface is particularly straightforward and self-explanatory compared to most tools on the market. It helps that we’ve built it by listening to our clients’ suggestions over the years.

To give you an idea, here’s a preview of how two of the main screens look.


Find components easily by selecting a category, Advanced Search or other shortcuts.

Import information either from a spreadsheet or from Ensign’s Take-Off software.

Organise your sections and sub-sections to manage your project and make your reports clear.

Whatever stage you’re at, you’ll see where you are on the progress bar.

You can always navigate through the job by clicking Back or Continue.


See labour totals in terms of hours or days and adjust your rates.

Markup & Profit
Adjust profit percentages, add general overheads or prelims etc.

Choose from a full range of report templates to present information exactly how you prefer.

See overall totals for your project, with the option of setting a target cost.


We highly recommend our free online demo, which you can book by clicking below.

You’ll get an overview of the software from the perspective of an electrical contractor, tailored to the way you work. Act fast – we only have a few slots available each day!

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How does it work?

After a few weeks of using our electrical quoting software, Excel spreadsheets and manual calculations will soon become a distant memory. New users who’ve never used Ensign before are always telling us how much quicker and easier it makes their work.

Once you start using our system, you’ll never want to go back to your old methods. No more frantic rushing to meet deadlines, no more rough guesswork, no more anxiety about whether your prices are accurate.

Ensign’s database contains over 150,000 electrical components, with highly accurate labour times based on expert insider knowledge. The latest price updates are always available to download and install with just one click, so you can be sure your estimates are extremely accurate.

Who uses our software?

Ensign’s electrical pricing software is best suited to commercial contractors. It’s ideal for these users whether they operate on a local, regional or national scale. Our clients vary in size, ranging from smaller firms with just one or two people managing all estimates and projects, all the way up to larger businesses with dedicated estimating departments.

Note: If you’re looking for M&E estimating software, Ensign is an excellent option since we have specialised software for each of our four key trades: Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation. Our estimating programs are each optimised for those specific trades, but essentially work in the same way to make it easy for you.

Many people we speak to are cautious about using software because they either…

a) do everything manually (i.e. on paper) because they aren’t comfortable with software in general or…
b) they have used other pricing software before and found it too difficult or time-consuming.

We completely understand both of these concerns, which is why we put so much effort into making sure Ensign is as user-friendly as possible. We work every single day to innovate and improve when it comes to software features and user experience, always striving to make our users’ lives easier.

The end result is a program that anyone with even the most basic computer skills can learn to use confidently. If you know to produce an estimate in Excel, our electrical estimating software is much easier to use, and you’ll learn how to do it much faster. That’s the great thing about using software that’s specifically built for what you’re trying to do, as opposed to a generic spreadsheet program.

Our fantastic one-to-one training also makes a huge difference. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable with how to use the software, so you can start pricing with confidence. If you ever need any support or help, we’re only ever one call or email away.

What can you do with Ensign?

Ensign gives you the ability to understand your true costs at a glance. With a wide range of reports and the ability to export to other software formats, accessing what you need to know has never been easier. You can find out what your labour and materials costs are to identify potential savings, or analyse site labour time to help organise your workforce.

To get your list of quantities for a project, you can import from our electrical take-off software, load in a spreadsheet or start selecting items yourself. The software calculates costs, margins and profits for you based on all your custom settings and data. You can add prelims, prime costs and change any preferences you need to until the estimate is exactly how you want it, then generate instant reports showing the information in your preferred way.

Why is electrical estimating software the best way to boost your business?

If you’re a commercial contractor in the electrical trade, estimating is a vital area of your workflow that often slows everything down for businesses in your position. Investing in a system to significantly speed this up might be the best thing you ever do for your business.

It doesn’t matter who in your team is spending the time completing estimates; once they’re trained on our system, they’ll be able to finish pricing jobs much faster than with the traditional methods.

It’s not just about working quickly, either. Ensign also gives you access to a huge amount of information in the simplest possible terms, so you can easily get the full picture and find ways to work more efficiently. Our detailed reports can break down your costs any way you like, so it’s easy to see where your profit is and how you can increase it.

Why should you choose Ensign over alternatives?

We’ve been in the industry for an exceptionally long time. The very first version of Ensign’s estimating software was created in 1980, and in 1982 we released our first program tailored to electrical contractors. Since then, everything we’ve learned from our users over the decades has steered our development of new features and improvements.

We work directly with contractors every day, learning more and more about how real people use our technology. It’s no exaggeration when we saw that every aspect of the software is designed with you in mind.

Although there are other electrical pricing programs on the market, we don’t consider any of these a direct alternative to Ensign. There is simply no other option that can match our unique offer.


A top-rated feature of Ensign is the simple, intuitive interface. The layout and design are familiar and straightforward, even for new users. If you’ve used Windows software before, you’ll have no trouble finding your way around Ensign (with a little training).


Our in-house and online training sessions are always delivered one-to-one, so you (and your colleagues, if you prefer) receive training that’s fully tailored to how you work. Our step-by-step guidance will ensure you’re ready to start estimating straight away.


We’ll install our Windows-based software for you, with all your custom settings and data. If you need cloud-based electrical estimating software, Ensign can even be set up to run from a virtual PC so you can access it remotely on any compatible device.


Our highly responsive support team are always happy to help you with anything you need. We have high standards when it comes to customer care and technical support, so there’s no need to struggle with anything. Just call or email us if you need a hand.


Our estimating software doesn’t have deliberately restricted features or force you to upgrade to get new functionality. All updates are available to everyone, so you always have access to new features and the most up-to-date version of the software.

Our best-ever electrical estimating software

Time-saving features designed to make your work as easy as possible

To keep things simple, each software licence gives one user full access to the complete set of features in our Electrical Estimating program. If you opt for multiple licences, several people in your team can use the software at the same time on different computers.

Your access to the software, future updates, technical support etc. are all included in one single subscription price. Some of the main features you’ll get with Ensign include…

  • Custom database of the exact components you use
  • Average labour times to help manage your costs
  • Regular price updates to maintain accuracy
  • Pre-set assemblies to save you time
  • Simple step-by-step user interface
  • Quick reports provide detailed insights
  • Full control of your settings and preferences
  • PC-based, networked or cloud-based install options
  • Export to various formats to suit your business
  • Import from Ensign’s Take-Off software
  • Import from a spreadsheet or input manually
  • Full technical support to make your life easier

On top of this, we also offer one-off extras that you may or may not need in the future, such as additional training sessions, replacement security keys and so on. For more information about pricing and what’s included, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

Remember, you can also get a free online demo of the software which gives you a great insight into how you could benefit from using Ensign, plus the chance to ask our experts anything you like.

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