RPD Consult Ltd.


Before Ensign, Russ used to take pipework and fitting quantities off a hard copy drawing, then transfer these on to one of his own takeoff sheets.

“Following this, I would send the quants to a wholesaler for prices. This was a lengthy process and I could spend days (depending on project size) getting the takeoffs done and quotes returned.

“Time was the main problem with the manual takeoffs. Also, some wholesalers would not even return quotes for large material lists, as they obviously knew larger firms use software to calculate these prices in house. For a small outfit like myself, this was a problem.”


In 2015, Russ started using our Mechanical Estimating and PDF Takeoff software. Since then, we’ve also provided all the necessary training and support.

“I find Ensign software very user-friendly. The pictures of regularly used fittings and materials are particularly useful and negate the need for having to remember codes.

“My system is tailored to suit my needs which saves me time project after project. Shortcuts can be easily created without compromising the quality of the work being produced.

“As always with software, there can be issues that need resolving in order to complete the task. Help is always on hand at Ensign and the experience is a personal one. I never feel like I’m dealing with a call centre, being put on hold or passed from person to person.”


“In short, I would not be able to do my job without Ensign. When I started my company over four years ago, I used a very long winded way of working (without software). I can say without doubt that the software saves me time and money daily.

“I would certainly recommend the software (as I have done many times previously). My advice would be to try the remote demonstration, and ask questions during it!”



Russ Davies

Managing Director

RPD Consult Ltd.


I run my own mechanical estimation business and work for many clients on a freelance basis.

I’ve worked in the HVAC industry all my working life and have over 25 years experience in this sector.