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Material quantity calculation software

To get your takeoff done accurately from drawings, we all know how long it can take. So rather than spend hours and hours doing things the traditional way, why not let Ensign’s On Screen Take-Off software save you both time, money and a whole lot of printing, with rapid on screen take off from electronic drawings?

Let’s face it, doing takeoffs manually with a slide rule and calculator is uninteresting, long drawn out, and a waste of time that you could spend doing the important things for your business, like bringing in new clients.

With our On Screen Take-Off Software, you can finally get rid of all those reams of paper that you only printed for takeoff purposes, and get your parts and materials listed quickly and accurately from either a print drawing or a PDF.

Whatever your industry, our software can rapidly measure anything from plumbing runs, ducting, electricals, insulation and more, giving you a neatly printed list of every part you need for the job and the quantities required. And with our fully updated database, you can even choose the exact part you need from the manufacturer, or add/customise one of your own.

PDF on screen take-off software for contractors

And there’s no need to struggle with a magnifying glass to make out details, especially on highly detailed drawings with many layers. Just use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out, alter the scale, and even remove the layers when you don’t need to see what’s underneath. You can also highlight different parts of the project in different colours, making it easy to separate your lighting from your ducting.

When you’re done, all your figures export to Excel, or export straight into Ensign’s Estimating Software for instant estimates straight from your takeoff.

We provide one on one, bespoke training to get you started. Our highly experienced staff offer excellent support to ensure you’re never stuck on not knowing what to do, and our constantly updated database will keep you ahead of the game with the competition.

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Mechanical software for mechanical, M&E and MEP contractors


Electrical software for electrical, M&E and MEP contractors


Ductwork software for DW144, DW154 and flat channel plastic contractors


Insulation software for pipework, ductwork and vessel insulation contractors

NOTE: If your trade isn’t listed, we recommend RapidQuote, our flexible, easy-to-use alternative.
It’s designed to work for any contractor, no matter what trade you’re in.