D R Matthews Insulations Ltd.


Like most estimators, Robert’s team previously relied on the old-fashioned method, working with paper drawings and sitting through tedious manual take-offs.

“Prior to using the Ensign software package, we used to do take-offs manually from scaled drawings, highlighting the services related to our tender package. With two full time estimators, we used to complete approximately 25 to 30 estimates per month.

The old method took a large amount of time to complete, and we were spending a lot of money on having drawings printed, and masses of stationary (highlighter pens etc).

Another issue was that we would have only a single set of marked up drawings, which could often get damaged or lost if taken to site.”


In 2005, Robert first started using Ensign’s Insulation Estimating and PDF Takeoff software.

“Using Ensign, the main benefits are the reduced cost of printing (we have saved in excess of £12,000 annually on this), and the fact that we have increased our output significantly, quoting between 70 and 100 jobs per month on average.

We also have the ability to email marked up drawings directly to site staff, which makes picking up variations much simpler and easier to justify.

For any contract where installation has not gone into drawings, this system allows you to compare the actual work with what was quoted for.

The ease at which take-offs can be converted into quotations on all jobs is very useful and saves a lot of time.

It is also easy for staff with no knowledge of a contract to quickly review the take-off and have an understanding of the job within minutes.”


“The Ensign package has save us a significant amount of money annually, as well as massively increasing our quoting output.

I cannot believe that we survived prior to having these systems in place, and would highly recommend having this system to all businesses in this market sector. Effectively it’s like adding additional staff, at a fraction of the cost.”



Robert Coster


D R Matthews Insulations Ltd.



D R Matthews is a thermal insulation contractor, working in the commercial and industrial sector. We have been trading in excess of 26 years and have an average annual turnover of approximately £2 million.