Established in 1980, Ensign is the leading manufacturer and supplier of software to building services contractors.

Designed around the needs of estimators and quantity surveyors all of our systems integrate seamlessly with each other, be that our award winning On Screen PDF TakeOFF software linking with Estimating or Estimating populating job details into the Quantity Surveying system for calculating valuations and variations.

Ensign consistently exceeds customer expectations time and again by offering services that are unique in the industry, for example personalised data set-up – saving weeks of set-up time. All systems are fully supported by professionals with years or decades of industry experience under their belts. Additionally we provide a personal touch with one-to-one training, again unique only to Ensign.

A quick look around will also tell you how much time and energy we put into the development of our systems, which without doubt are the most efficient in the market place by years.

Quite simply we are here to help Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation contractors win and manage jobs simply, quickly and on budget.

Our vision

We believe that we are here to manufacture and supply great software and services for building services contractors. We believe in simple, not complex. To achieve this we need to control every aspect and function possible of our technology and services from development through to training and support. We are constantly innovating and developing and focus on the things that matter to our users. We listen and learn. Quality is embedded in all that we do and all that we are.

Our history

For nearly 40 years, Ensign has provided contractors with software designed to make their jobs easier, maximize efficiency and increase their profits. The following is a brief breakdown of our history as a company.


Ensign established and Ductwork Estimating software was developed


Mechanical & Electrical Estimating Software developed


Insulation Estimating software developed


Mechanical Quantity Surveying system developed at the request of the Kershaw group. Over the following years this system was developed for Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation.


Release of Windows based software


Ductwork Drawing system released. Developed to interface with AutoCAD to produce quick and accurate Ductwork drawings, later that year a manufacturing system was developed to help interface with plasma cutters


First and only company to release TakeOff software. Developed originally to work with CAD drawings this also interfaced with PDF and other formats. Developed for Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation contractors.


First international sales into European markets


QuickQuote Estimating format developed to increase efficiency of Estimating process, still the most efficient estimating methodology in the market


Ensign is now a Kesef company


First sales into Polish market


PDF TakeOff system launched to enormous acclaim, game changing product developed for Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation contractors.


First sales into Australian & NZmarket, Finland, Belgium

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Mechanical software for mechanical, M&E and MEP contractors


Electrical software for electrical, M&E and MEP contractors


Ductwork software for DW144, DW154 and flat channel plastic contractors


Insulation software for pipework, ductwork and vessel insulation contractors

NOTE: If your trade isn’t listed, we recommend RapidQuote, our flexible, easy-to-use alternative.
It’s designed to work for any contractor, no matter what trade you’re in.