Mechanical estimation software

When you’re putting together an estimate, the last thing you want is to find that another company has already beaten you to the punch, but with Ensign’s easy-to-use Mechanical Estimating Software, you can have your estimate done and submitted while the other guys are still finding their scale rule!

No more time wasted with spreadsheets and a calculator, entering all the prices for parts by hand.

Cloud-based software
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Get your work finished faster with Ensign

Our estimating software is designed with you in mind and is up-to-date, modern and perfect for a quick and easy estimate for mechanical contractors. Small to medium businesses will find this software extremely helpful, with a bespoke set up of the software done specifically for your company by Ensign.

We’ll include labour costs, discounts on your materials, and even brand the software with your company logo so you’re ready to go with a piece of software which can produce a speedy and accurate estimate, increase your productivity and build your brand recognition with customers.

Our regularly updated database of materials, plant, kits, valves and more will enable you to price your materials and labour rapidly, bringing the best possible quote for you and your customer to the table before your competition.

How our estimating software is optimised for mechanical specialists

With our intuitive and simple to use layout, you will easily be able to add details such as prime costs, MCDs and prelims, calculate your profits and produce bills for your clients, like quantified schedules of rates and tender summaries. Our reports are comprehensive and will export to Word, PDF, Excel, CSV and more, showing you breakdowns of your labour and your materials to help you manage costs and increase profit, and potentially saving you time and money with your suppliers and fitters too.

We provide training with individual attention, and make sure you get the most out of our Mechanical Estimating Software by listening to you and focusing on the areas your company needs the most.

With full and responsive support, provided by highly trained and experienced professionals, you’ll always receive accurate, speedy and helpful assistance no matter what the request, and our 35 years of experience in developing the system ensure that our estimating software is constantly updated and shaped by the customers who use it.

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