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Ensign is the only electrical software for contractors and commercial electricians that’s based on decades of development, offering highly accurate results and some of the most valuable features on the market. All this is packed into a reliable system that’s user-friendly and easy to learn.

Learn how to instantly take the hard work and hassle out of take-off and estimating with a free demo of our software.

We’ll show you all the secrets that make our software perfect for electrical experts, whether you’re looking to increase profits or simply spend a lot less of your time on quotes.

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What we do for you

Since we released our first quoting software for commercial and industrial electricians in the early 1980s, we’ve been known as the original experts in electrical contracting software. Over the years, real people who rely on our program every day have guided us as we’ve developed Ensign, making the system more powerful and more accurate with each version.

What we’ve created is a completely unique, tailored system for electrical experts. Every feature is designed around the way contractors in the industry work, so it’s a perfect fit for your workflow and very easy to learn (especially with our excellent one-to-one training).

Why does this matter to you? Quite simply, if you regularly work on electrical estimates, our software will almost certainly save you an amazing amount of time and effort on every single quote. If your typical quoting process involves take-offs from printed drawings, Ensign’s on-screen PDF take-off system will vastly increase the speed at which you can work.


To ensure measurements (and therefore costs) are as accurate as possible, electrical contracting software that can handle on-screen take-off is an increasingly popular option. It can help you to quantify jobs of all types and sizes, including taking off cable, containment, lighting, general wiring accessories and more from your PDF drawings.

Efficient and time-saving, digital take-off software enables you to maximise profitability. Data can be transferred seamlessly to Ensign’s estimating software or Excel. Paperless and connected to email, you can calculate and control jobs with ease.


This affordable but powerful software supports you in winning contracts, providing simple-to-use but comprehensive costing calculations.

Whether it’s commercial or industrial electrical work you’re quoting for, the software uses real-time price updates and industry average labour rates to produce up-to-the-minute quotes. It even generates detailed reports showing your prices on materials, and budgets effectively and accurately for labour costs.

Designed to be user-friendly and easily understood by those unfamiliar with the technology, Ensign’s electrical estimating software means accurate bills can be created based on carefully controlled costing.


This specially designed software for electrical contractors ensures that your applications for payment are based on transparent and accountable reports, capturing all the relevant details to reassure clients. This means they are far more likely to pay promptly, and in full.

Ensign’s electrical quantity surveying and estimating software systems integrate seamlessly with each other, which guarantees consistency and shows tangible professionalism in variation calculations. This means less headaches for you and greater peace of mind for your clients.

Why should electrical contractors even care about software?

Our customers might love our software, but it’s not because they love estimating. It’s not even because they love the software itself (although compared to manual pricing, Ensign is much more enjoyable and straightforward).

The truth is, we don’t expect anyone to get excited about any of that. In fact, we don’t want anyone to spend any more time working on pricing jobs. That’s not what we’re selling.

What you’re actually unlocking is all the other things you’ll get to do instead. With the hours you’ve saved on each estimate, you can focus on the rest of your to-do list. Everyone gets excited about finishing their work faster, and that’s what Ensign lets you do.


Unlock faster results, better accuracy and higher profits

Let’s be honest; nobody wants to spend hours, days or weeks working on one estimate. Our experience working with contractors every day tells us that estimating is considered an essential but often tedious part of any project.

Perhaps you’re a full-time estimator who’s under pressure to turn around estimates quickly without compromising on accuracy. Maybe you’re an electrical contractor and you’d prefer to spend as little time as possible on quotes so you can get on with managing the work itself. Or maybe you’re running your own business and you’re looking for ways to improve your team’s productivity.

In each of these cases, Ensign is just what you need. Our electrical contracting software system was created for people with exactly the same goals as you, so it’s fully optimised to help you complete your objectives quickly and easily. Every step of the pricing process is made easier for you.