Ductwork on screen PDF take-off

Takeoff is one of those ‘have to do’ tasks that can take up far more of our time than we’d like, especially when we don’t know at that stage if we’ve got the job and will be paid for all those hours spent measuring drawings with a scale rule.

However, there is a quicker alternative with Ensign’s Ductwork On Screen Take Off software, which allows rapid and highly accurate on screen take off from electronic drawings, saving you time and the necessity to print the drawings.

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How Ensign is customised for ductwork take-offs

Our software is designed specifically for ductwork estimators, and we take your feedback into account when producing the latest version of the software, to ensure a highly responsive product that really does give you exactly what you need.

Our takeoff software can measure runs of rectangular and circular duct & fittings, count grilles, fans, dampers, silences, change sizes, ask the software to automatically detect bends and generate access doors and more! And as you takeoff, the software will produce a takeoff sheet of all the items you need and what quantities are required to do the job, allowing you to generate collated or uncollated reports.

Building drawings can often have many layers, and if you only want to see the ductwork layer for takeoff, it can be quite difficult to pick it out with all the other details. However, with our software, you can deselect all the layers you don’t need (if available), leaving you with a clear view of the ductwork and allowing quick and easy takeoff.

Easily alter the scale of your drawings, highlight different parts in a variety of colours, zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, and even pause the takeoff so you can scroll to the end of your current section and then restart the takeoff to cover the whole section in one go!

This incredible piece of PDF takeoff software will save you hours of time and effort and it’s quick to learn, intuitive, customisable and extremely accurate.

As a ductwork contractor, our software lets you...

  • Quickly and easily measure and list all your ducting parts, saving you countless hours
  • Get a printed list and marked up drawings so you’ve no need to write up quantities on your takeoff sheets
  • Produce email-able takeoffs
  • Save money with no need to print drawings
  • Send all of your figures and costs to Excel
  • Export all quantities automatically into Ensign’s Ductwork Estimating Software to give you instant material and labour costs – the job is priced!

Ensign is the only supplier of this software in the UK, with years of experience, and offers complete one-to-one training and highly experienced support from a friendly and professional team. You’ll also receive ongoing and frequent updates, to ensure you always have the latest manufacturer details and the latest version of the software.

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