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Looking for an estimating software that is accessible on your Apple Mac?

We understand that not all contractors in the construction industry use the same computer with the same operating systems. In a world where Apple and Windows are in an ongoing battle, you have to expect to meet people who are on Team Apple and let’s be honest, who here has not daydreamed about the smooth edges and slick design of the newest MacBook or iPad?

But there is one issue we’ve heard about from many frustrated contractors who want to use Macs… lack of compatibility with Windows-based apps! At Ensign, we have you Mac users covered.

Over the years, we know that you have probably been involved in DOZENS of software demonstrations and free trials thinking that you have finally found an estimating software solution that fits your needs, only to find out that they haven’t designed their product to be used on a MacBook. Back to square one you go.

Ensign offers a cloud-based remote desktop solution for both PC and Apple products which enables you to create estimates, PDF take-offs, and quantity surveying, all through a secure cloud system.


PDF Take-off when using your Mac

Unlike a lot of estimating and take-off software products, Ensign will enable you to estimate your jobs, download your quotes, and take-off PDFs all from your Mac with ease. Our cloud system ensures a safe and secure virtual environment for you to upload your PDF drawings to work from.

So if I’m using take-off software that has been built for Windows, will I need to purchase a new Windows license? The short answer…nope! Our cloud system creates a remote virtual desktop that can be accessed from Mac OS-based desktops or laptops,  Eliminating the need to buy, install or run Windows on your own machine. You can even access the cloud from your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices if you need to.


Will using my Mac restrict my experience with Ensign’s Estimating and Take-Off Software?

If you were to move from PC to Mac or even switch between the two, using your cloud system will not restrict your usage or experience with Ensign. The virtual workspace that our cloud system runs on creates a smooth transition between operating systems, allowing contractors to focus on their contract management, pricing and proposals.

To use the full functionality of Ensign and see everything clearly on your screen at once, you’ll get the best results when you use a laptop or desktop monitor, whether that’s an Apple computer or a Windows PC. However, you can even log into the cloud via your mobile device (including iPhone or iPad) if you need quick access to the system.

If you are ready to stop wasting time and money on incompatible and unsecure estimating systems,  request a free demo from our Sales Team today.

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