Electrical QuickCost software

Ensign's Electrical QuickCost system has two major benefits for the electrical contractor.

First, the system is quick and accurate, allowing you to see how multiple projects are progressing in real time.

Second, it picks up any over expenditure quickly, helping you to ensure that your jobs come in on budget.

Because Ensign understands that for any contractor project costings are only one part of the jigsaw, the Electrical QuickCost system is designed with engineers not accountants in mind. You’ll receive crucial information on labour costs and material invoicing in real time, putting you in direct control of project costings and catching overspends as they occur.

By automatically pulling through your budgets from the original estimate, QuickCost will compare the job progress against spending patterns on materials and labour, giving you a real-time, live update on the changes in project costings as they occur. Ensign’s Electrical QuickCost system is designed to alert you to any over expenditure as it happens, putting you in control of the situation. And by identifying those profitable on-budget jobs, you can plan margins for future tenders into your contract costings.

Accuracy, speed and ease of use can all be key to budgeting a job and keeping control of project costings. That’s where Ensign’s Electrical QuickCost system delivers. You’ll be able to focus on delivering high-quality projects on time and within budget while QuickCost delivers real-time updates across all your jobs.

For more information on the ways Ensign’s Electrical QuickCost system can benefit your business, please contact us for more information on our range of software solutions.