RD Labs: your chance to make £100k in 8 hours

Here at Ensign, we have been benefiting have been benefitting from R&D Tax Relief since 2014, hence I understand the process very well and believe that many users of Ensign are the perfect applicants for the scheme. As an Ensign client, you understand that to survive and thrive in such a high-risk, tight-margin, cash-intensive environment you must be expert problem solvers and through doing so you continue to advance your technical knowledge within the industry.

This is why I’ve teamed up with the construction manager of a top 12 accounting firm that specialises in construction-based R&D Tax Claims, to bring these benefits exclusively to Ensign clients. Introducing, RD Labs.


Who is RD Labs?

I’ve set up RD Labs to help Ensign clients reap the rewards for the hard work and forward-thinking within their respective sectors of the construction industry. If you are successful in being selected for this round of submissions, we will guide you through every step of the process and ensure you receive a healthy financial gain with very little effort.

To date we’ve already helped 29 clients ranging from Mechanical, Electrical, Ductwork and Insulation and returned an average of £141,530 cash to each; the smallest being £36,000 and the largest being £478,529. This process is also no win, no fee – and we don’t get paid until you receive the Tax Benefit into your account. Starting in early March, we will be ready for our next cohort, with a strict maximum of 10 clients for this round.


So, how do you know if your work qualifies as R&D?

There is no silver bullet that will guarantee if your work qualifies. This is because problem-solving within the construction industry, especially within agile businesses such as yourselves, has become the norm. However, through an initial, free 30-minute consultation we will clarify the applicability of the scheme for your business, and if so the scope of the claim and plan.

There are typical problem-solving activities that serve as key indicators for qualifying, these include:



  • Designing, or more typically re-engineering poor designs and specifications – even if your contracts don’t stipulate design work, feeding back design changes to your clients is a good indicator
  • Resequencing and re-calculation of the installation sequence, this could go hand-in-hand with the redesign work highlighted above
  • Benchmarking exercises, to gauge cost vs time vs quality vs the risk of the job, for example through BIM or REVIT, or mock-ups, or hand-calculations


Construction / Installation:

  • Variation work on-site, again typically through poor information, drawings and specifications or other trades creating issues for installation
  • Resequencing of works to deal with divergences of the installation process, to ensure the job remains on track to meet contractual obligations
  • Trials, tests, and experimentation to see if a particular installation sequence prototype is scalable throughout the build



  • Mid-Long term system behaviour – these systems are complex, and it’s not possible to predict how system degradation/damage/abuse may affect the overall performance
  • Monitoring, sampling, and testing the system materials or parameters


To be eligible you need to be:
  • A current Ensign client
  • Turnover in excess of £800k
  • Be prepared to set aside around 8 hours to work through the claim with us, typically over 4 zoom sessions

If you would like to be considered for this round of submissions, please book a 30-minute chat directly with myself by clicking the link below and booking the date and time that suits you best. Just as a reminder we can only work with 10 clients for this round, and these will be decided by 31st March.

Book your free call today

Click the link below to book your 30-minute call for a date and time that suits you best.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about this process and I look forward to working with a number of you very soon.


Jonathan Goulstine,

MD Ensign Advanced Systems Ltd & MD RD Labs Ltd

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