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Are you struggling to find the right balance within your team while you are working from home? Are you finding that some members of the team are thriving and some are failing? If yes, you’re not alone! It is suggested that over half of employees either leave or consider leaving a role due to a bad relationship with their manager or teammates and the added pressure of working from home isn’t helping matters!

No matter what industry you are in, people need to communicate well and be comfortable working together to function well as a team. In this article, we highlight some tips on how to ensure your team is happy and productive.


Recognise their progress

In any professional environment, managers tend to offer constructive criticism instead of offering a pat on the back for a task well done. While giving constructive criticism helps guide people in the right direction, it is key to also point out the good things your employees do both individually and in the team. Recognise their potential and guide them to where you know they can go next. If your team are working apart, have regular meetings to go over progress and allow the team to collaborate on projects to receive regular recognition.


Trust your team

Your team looks to you for structure and guidance, but the last thing anyone likes is to be micro-managed. When you give your team the room to breathe, you will see lead times drop and productivity grow. If you try using a project-management CRM system, you can monitor their progress without hovering over their shoulder.

A good place to start is giving employees more mini projects and track their work. In turn, ask for their input on issues or ideas for the company and over time you will find that you will trust their judgment more and they will see your vision more clearly.


Take an interest in who your employees are

Managing a team in any industry can bring its own challenges. Even though a well-functioning team is a group of people, you need to realise that it is made up of individuals. There will be decisions that you need to make that effect the team as a whole or one individual at a time.

When you know and understand the individuals that make up your team, this will help you make the decisions relating to them and their issues. Understanding your individual employees is a key step in highlighting what areas they excel in and how you can use these to grow your business.


Provide tools for success

Giving your team the resources they need to complete a task and advance to the next level is essential to a productive workforce. This includes everything from productivity software to communication platforms. Create a safe environment for employees to express their thoughts and ideas for the company. If the team you are leading know that you are willing to provide the right environment to succeed, then they will produce higher quality work.

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