Refer a friend, earn £100

You're invited to take part in our new referral programme!

It's simple: refer a friend to Ensign, and if they become a software user, you'll earn £100 (plus they get £100 too).

You can even refer as many people as you like and keep earning rewards!

"How does it work?"

1. Refer some friends

Know anyone else who might find Ensign useful? Simply enter the names and email addresses above.

2. Wait for your reward

We'll invite them to book a call and see if Ensign is right for them. If they become users, we'll send you £100 as a thank you.

3. Refer some more!

There's no limit on the number of times you can claim your £100 reward, so feel free to keep referring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I refer?

It can be anyone you personally know who you think might benefit from using Ensign (as long as they’re not an Ensign client already).

How many times can I refer someone?

As many as you like! Just bear in mind that you’ll only receive the reward for each person who signs up for the software.

When will I get the reward?

Your reward will be processed after the person you referred signs their software agreement. Please allow at least 30 days for us to confirm and arrange payment.

What if I’m no longer an Ensign user?

That’s not a problem. If you’re an experienced user, we trust and appreciate your recommendations, so you’ll still be eligible for the programme.