Start saving time today with QuickCost

Does your budgeting software offer you all the features you need? For example...

Are your results always accurate?

Is the process fast enough for you?

Is the software intuitive and easy to use?

Ensign's QuickCost system gives you timely updates on project costings across multiple jobs, putting you in control and alerting you when costly overruns occur so you can deal with them in a timely and effective fashion.

QuickCost software

You’re an engineer, not an accountant, and we at Ensign understand that you need real-time project costing updates and accurate contract costings so you can deliver the very best service to your clients, while making sure you stay profitable.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a bean counter to use our highly accurate software. It’s simple to use, but far more than just a budgeting tool, with up to the minute costings available for any job, so you can keep track of everything and ensure it stays on budget.

And when your project is finished, you’ll have accurate figures for everything you’ve done that will give you the tools to predict and plan your margins – and your profits – better in the future.

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