How do I stop emails from Ensign going into my junk/spam?

In order to set up your software and assist you with using it, we’ll send various important messages to your email address. These emails may occasionally be mistaken for spam and filtered out automatically by your spam prevention system.

In order to prevent emails from us going into your spam or junk email folder, please complete the steps below.

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook users

Instructions for Microsoft Outlook users

1. On the Home tab, click “•••” near the top right corner, select Junk, then select Junk Email Options.

2. Click on the Safe Senders tab, then click Add.

Type @ensignonline.co.uk into the box, then click OK. 


3. Click OK again to save your changes and exit the settings window.


4. Check your Junk Email folder for any emails from Ensign.


5. If you find an email from Ensign, right-click on it and select Junk > Never Block Sender’s Domain.


6. A message should appear to confirm this. Click OK.


7. To move this email into your Inbox folder, right-click the email and select Junk > Not Junk, then click OK to confirm.

Alternatively, you can click and drag the email into your Inbox folder on the left-hand menu.

Instructions for Gmail users

Instructions for Gmail users

1. Click the settings cog in the top right corner, then click See all settings.


2. Click Filters and blocked addresses, then click Create a new filter.


3. In the From field, type @ensignonline.co.uk, then click Create filter.


4. Select Never send it to spam, then click Create filter to finish.


5. Check your Spam folder for any emails from Ensign.


6.  If you find an email from Ensign, open it and click the Move to icon, then scroll or start typing to find and select Inbox.