Construction Management Software Solutions

If your construction business is looking to maximize profits and save time, Ensign’s Construction Software packages have everything you need. Our software programs are fully integrated with one another, meaning data is shared from the takeoff, the estimate and the applications for payment. That means you spend less time calculating - and more time working. Here are just some of our innovative and efficient software construction solutions:

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On Screen Takeoff – Instantly lift quantities from drawing with laser-beam accuracy

Manually working on takeoffs with a slide rule and calculator is not only time consuming – it’s prone to mistakes. And mistakes cost more than just money.

Our On Screen TakeOff Software allows you to automatically have all of a job’s parts and materials listed, together with their quantities. This doesn’t just help you logistically – we also have a regularly updated database of parts and materials, meaning you get accurate, instant costings.

Our management software is so precise that every detail is rendered fully and is easy to see. In fact, you can zoom in and out on details from the takeoff, highlight separate details or project areas, and remove the layers to view the project piece by piece.

Then, when you’re finished, you can export the entire project to our Estimating Software for an instant estimate of all costs and materials. It certainly beats reams of paper and bunches of highlighter pens

Construction Estimation Solutions

You can never know what the future might hold, especially with construction. Yet, planning for each and every possibility is time consuming – although we have a solution for you.

Take the waiting time out of estimations with Ensign’s Estimating Software.

Manually counting up parts, labour, costs and more saps your time – but with an automatically updating software to do it for you, that time is yours again. With our software, you choose the parts and materials you need from our frequently updated database (or import your takeoff using our integrated On Screen Takeoff Software) and any other prelims, prime costs and anything else. Everything is handily located in one place, with the software’s easy workflow management its so easy to use. Your software workflow will resemble your offline workflow – just at a fraction of the time it usually takes.

The software will calculate and create reports for you, setting out your costs, profits and margins. These reports can be exported to Excel, Word, CSV, PDF and even more. This is management software at its finest and most efficient.

Software Packages: Quantity Surveying

Whether your construction company is a small business or something bigger, the time saved by setting up our fully integrated software programs are certain to raise your profits – because by using them, you’re spending more time working, and less time accounting or planning.

Our Quantity Surveying software integrates seamlessly with our Estimating software, meaning setting up new projects is as simple as clicking a few buttons. The Quantity Surveying software receives all data on the job, section values, rate schedules and everything else directly from the Estimating software – which saves you the hassle of rewriting it all out again.

Our Quantity Surveying program takes into account every aspect of the job in hand – from equipment hire to variations, it’s all there – and it’s all easily exported to a payment request too. Being able to show exactly what you’ve worked on, when and how allows for less fuss when it comes to getting paid. Plus, by exporting from our On Screen TakeOff software, you can bring in plans and variations straight from the drawing itself, meaning you’ll have the evidence to hand should you need it.

Management Software: QuickCost

Inaccurate costings can spell disaster for a job and your reputation – and that’s all so easily avoidable with our QuickCost software.

Get highly accurate costings across your projects, updated in real-time, with added instant alerts if you go over budget. At the end of your project, you’ll have a breakdown of every costing and aspect of the job, which will help you plan future project’s estimations, margins and profits.