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Mechanical Estimating Software

The right price, quickly.

Ensign's Mechanical Estimating is proven to dramatically increase the rate at which
you can turn around an estimate for mechanical & pipe estimating
and do so with the highest possible accuracy.

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We do this by ensuring that every client has the system set-up in advance of training and delivery. In practice this means we will work with you to find out how best to set the system up; we will look into all the factors that are required to get your price out. This could entail looking into price lists, discount structures, installation rates, etc… Whether you need to estimate on copper, steel, plastic etc. with Ensign's Mechanical Estimating it's simple and quick. With the system set-up we look to provide personal training for you and your company only. In this way we ensure that your requirements are taken into consideration.

No two mechanical contractors are the same and there are many ways in which we can ensure best practice for your preferences. Once training has taken place our clients benefit from first class support and feature rich updates.

As a day-to-day tool, the Mechanical Estimating system can be used stand-alone or as part of Ensign's simple, yet comprehensive M&E Estimating Software solution. It can provide you with as much or as little information about your estimate as you require which you can print or put into another format such as Excel, Word or PDF.

It will provide you the base cost for you to take on that contract and what it means in terms of labour, materials, bought-outs, contract costing etc. You will be able to mark-up a job in a multitude of possible ways to give you your profit on the job and produce bills, like schedules of rates.

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Quantified Schedule of Rates

Above all, Ensign's Mechanical Estimating software will ensure you have reached the right price for the right contract, quickly. And if you are expecting Ensign's services and benefits to cost you the earth, you needn't worry, the system is extremely affordable - just ask the thousands of contractors that have relied on us over the years.

Ensign's Mechanical Estimating Software is:

  • The most intuitive and simple to use system in the market
  • The fastest way to tender
  • Truly accurate estimating based on first principles
  • Unrivalled in customer support
  • A solution that provides a full consultative installation
  • Unique - each client set up and configuration is specifically matched to their requirements.
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