Providing software solutions designed by contractors, for contractors

Ensign's estimating systems are designed to ensure that when you are pricing work it is done as quickly and as accurately as possible, giving you a much higher chance of winning the right project at the right price, efficiently.

In partnership with our clients we have been delivering these benefits for 34 years.

Ensign's Ductwork, Insulation and M&E estimating software solutions are simple to use yet comprehensive and are a proven worldwide method for ensuring contractors win the right jobs. The care and attention we put into each tailored set-up and training not only gives you confidence in the system it ensures you get the greatest benefit out of it. Given over 3 decades of feedback from our thousands of clients we are confident that if you require your business to succeed, you will find Ensign a willing partner.

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18 Jul 2016
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"Cut my quote time down by 70%, easy"
- Apollo Ductwork Services Ltd
"Whilst writing can I pass my appreciation of you and the team up there. It was nice to be in a business where the feel was genuinely happy and an obvious good collaboration between the various areas of the business. I am suitably impressed.
"an invaluable asset in our everyday working environment"
- CDS Ltd
"since using QS would not be without it. We have not had one variation come back to us!!"
- Bradvent Supply Services Ltd
"saves time, improves accuracy, all-round gives our customers more efficiency on quoting"
- Fosse Insulation Ltd
"a schedule of rates in 3 clicks, saves 100s of man hours"
- Binks Building Services Ltd
"the time saved can be spent on site or in the shop"
- G. Hadley & Sons (Sheetmetal) Ltd
"all fantastic....good regular updates"
- A. Longworth & Sons Ltd
"allows time to do other things"
- Northern Ventilation Ltd
"we wouldn't be without it - being used day in, day out"
- Tees Group